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The Appeal Process


If you are filing an appeal of a permit held by another person or company, that permit holder has a right to participate in the appeal. The permit holder in these situations becomes an Intervenor. It is also possible for other people who have a legal interest in an appeal, to request permission from the Board to intervene in an appeal. Once a person or company qualifies as an intervenor, they must be included on the Certificate of Service and be sent copies of all documents which you file with the Board.


After the appeal is served on the appropriate governmental agency, the Director of that agency has fourteen days to provide the Board with a certified file which contains a complete record of the proceedings out of which the appeal arises, including all documents and correspondence. This file will be located at the Board's office and is available for your review. Upon your written request, a copy of the certified file will be provided to you at a cost of .25 cents per page. See the Board's 46CSR8 Procedural Rule Governing Requests for Information for more details.

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