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The Appeal Process


After the hearing is complete the Board will establish a time frame during which the parties may file proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law for the Board's consideration. In addition you will be allowed to respond to the other parties' proposed findings. You may use the transcript to review the hearing and to make your final written statement to the Board. Please note that if you include a legal citation or cite case law in your proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law, you must provide the Board with a copy of that case.


In most cases, (except those decided by a procedural motion without an evidentiary hearing) the Environmental Quality Board will render a final decision on your appeal after a complete review of the entire record, which includes the certified file, the hearing transcript, case law, regulations, statutes, the proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law and the responses to the same as submitted by the parties. The Environmental Quality Board's Final Order along with Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law will be served on all parties of the appeal.

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