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To view the Notice of Appeal and other pertinent documents if any, please click on the Appeal Number.

Appeal No. Date Filed Appellant Intervenor Status
11-21-EQB 6/3/2011  Monongahela Power Company fka Allegheny Energy Supply Company (Order No. 7004)  West Virginia Rivers Coalition  Hearing: 06/13/2024 
11-22-EQB 6/3/2011  Monongahela Power Company fka Allegheny Energy Supply Company (WV0005339)  West Virginia Rivers Coalition  Hearing 06/13/2024 
14-10-EQB 5/9/2014  Monongahela Power Company    Hearing: 06/13/2024 
14-11-EQB 6/5/2014  Elk Run Coal Company    Pending 
14-15-EQB 8/6/2014  Appalachian Power Company dba AEP    Motion of Withdrawal of Appeal filed 12/18/2023; Final Order Pending  
16-04-EQB 10/21/2016  Monongahela Power Company    Status Conference: 04/25/2024 
17-04-EQB 3/10/2017  Rockwell Mining LLC    Pending 
17-07-EQB 5/26/2017  Jefferson County Emergency Services Agency    Pending 
17-15-EQB 8/31/2017  Danny Webb Construction, Inc.    Pending 
17-17-EQB 12/18/2017  H.A.M. Sanitary Landfill LLC    Pending 
19-08-EQB 4/29/2019  David C. Tabb  Jefferson Co. Development Authority  Pending 
21-04-EQB 5/26/2021  Amsted Graphite Materials LLC    Status Conference: 04/25/2024 
21-06-EQB 6/23/2021  Appalachian Power Company dba AEP    Hearing: 05/09/2024 
22-01-EQB 3/24/2022  DD Oil Company    EQB Final Order Entered 08/01/2022; Appealed to WV Intermediate Court of Appeals (ICOA); ICOA Decision 12/08/2023: Reversed and Remanded back to EQB 
22-02-EQB 4/12/2022  Appalachian Power Company dba AEP    Hearing: 05/09/2024 
22-03-EQB 5/31/2022  J. C. Baker & Son, Inc. and Baker Oil Company    Hearing: TBD 
22-04-EQB 7/14/2022  Kentucky Power Company dba AEP    Hearing: 05/09/2024 
22-06-EQB 8/30/2022  Cleveland-Cliffs Weirton LLC    Hearing: 04/11/2024 
23-04-EQB 3/30/2023  Pinn MC Wind Down, LLC    Status Conference: 05/30/2024 
24-01-EQB 2/16/2024  West Virginia Water Resources, Inc.    Hearing: 05/09/2024 
24-02-EQB 2/23/2024  Monongahela Power Company (WV0050766)    Hearing: 05/09/2024 
24-03-EQB 3/7/2024  Allegheny Energy Supply Company, LLC    Hearing: 05/09/2024 
24-04-EQB 3/20/2024  Lackawanna Transport Company dba Wetzel County Landfill and Fluid Management Solutions, Inc.    Hearing: 06/13/2024 
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